Toronto Maple Leafs' bench, with Sheldon Keefe, Matthew Knies, Auston Matthews, Max Domi and Pontus Holmberg.
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Sheldon Keefe to get fired? Maple Leafs ownership schedule critical meeting today

Published January 16, 2024 at 12:24

The Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe could be in hot water after a major development was announced.

Bad News Incoming for Keefe: Leafs' Management Considering Making a Coaching Change?


The Maple Leafs have won only five times in their last 13 games. Those victories were against the Blues Jackets, Kings, Sharks (2x) and the Ducks. Every time they were on the ice with a top team, they lost: the Rangers, Hurricanes, Avalanche and Islanders all got the upper hand.

There's a few things that aren't working in Toronto at the moment. The goaltenders, the blue line and the offensive depth all need reinforcements.

However, making excuses won't get you far in this league. A good head coach should've been able to turn things around. That's why Sheldon Keefe is once again in the center of debates.

Many Leafs fans are getting tired of him, as his message clearly doesn't work with his players anymore.

A new announcement suggests that the Leafs could make a change soon.

RUMOR: Leafs' Management to Meet Today About Keefe's Future in Toronto


According to a source, the Maple Leafs' ownership, president and general manager will meet today and they will discuss the fate of Sheldon Keefe.

With another season marked with ups and downs, Keefe could be the one to pay for the Leafs' underwhelming performances.

While it would be surprising to see him fired, considering his multi-million expansion deal, many Leafs' fans believe it's the right thing to do.

Do you think Keefe will be fired this season?

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Sheldon Keefe to get fired? Maple Leafs ownership schedule critical meeting today

Do you think the Leafs will fire Sheldon Keefe this season?

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