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One key potential trade target emerges for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Published January 16, 2024 at 7:56

The Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs have made trades before, and may be perfectly lined up to make another. At least that is what the rumours are suggesting.

According to Insider Ottawa Senators are shopping a defenseman

The Youtube page "Leafs Digest" discussed Toronto Maple Leaf trade targets, Elliott Friedman rumours and Frank Seravalli's trade board.

Seravalli has Chychrun rated as the #10 player on his trade board suggesting that the Senators are looking to move the defenseman one year after trading for him from the Arizona Coyotes. Chychrun has an amzing contract at just $4.6 million for the rest of this season and next, but once he becomes aUFA he will be quite expensive to retain.

Is it worth giving up Fraser Minten and or Timothy Lilligren in a trade for Chychrun?

The Leafs would have to give to get so there should not be many untouchables if you want your team to be all-in for the Stanley Cup.

A player like Chychrun would put the Leafs over the hump. I feel like
that would put them right into Contender status. The forwards on the Leafs are strong so there are no issues there, especially with way the way the team is
playing now and kind of a culture reset we've seen it so far this year with some
of the rough stuff. Chychrun would put the team over the top that and would be a fantastic move [with] a reasonable cap hit. It's just up to the Ottawa Senators because he has a no movement clause on a pretty reasonable deal

Chychrun only has a modified No Trade Clause, so he would likely accept a deal to Toronto, as long as they remain comfortably in the playoff picture.

Players that are off limits for Toronto according to the video

According to Elliott Friedman on the latest 32 Thoughts Podcast, the Leafs are unwilling to part with their 2024 first round pick, Easton Cowan or Fraser Minten.

The Leafs are reluctant to part with their 2024 first Easton Cowan or Fraser
Minten and prefer to acquire a player with term or a player that they know
they can extend at the deadline. It seems like Brad TR living just wants all the
positives with none of the negatives at this deadline

Reports have the Leafs willing to move Topi Niemela if it could upgrade their roster, and that can bring the Chychrun deal to a close between the two clubs.

This leaves Niemela as the main trade piece and it makes sense to move him for a top four D that helps now and in the future. There won't be much room on the right side for him to break out so Niemela is the guy we're going to bet on

The Leafs will have decisions to make whether they want to improve greatly or just do a small improvement and hope to hit gold in the playoffs. The Leafs will also have to sort out their $34,999 in cap space before they make any deals.

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One key potential trade target emerges for the Toronto Maple Leafs

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