Two of the four final names for Utah's NHL team revealed by owner

Graham Montgomery
May 29, 2024  (4:57 PM)

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Utah Hockey Club owner Ryan Smith made a major revelation today, indicating that the franchise is close to picking their final name.

Smith was a virtual guest on the Pat McAfee show today, joining in via a video call. On the call he revealed that the team is down to their final four choices for the name. He would not reveal all four names, but he did tell us that two of the finalists are the Utah Mammoth and the Utah Yeti. One must wonder if these two are the favorites among the final four. It would seem likely, as it would seem odd that he would reveal these two names only for the team to pick another one for the final reveal.
NHL Utah owner Ryan Smith made an impromptu appearance on The Pat McAfee Show today, and gave a bit of a sneak peek on a couple of the finalists for the team name. 👀

«We've got our fourI think Mammoth is up there, I think Yeti is up thereit should be good.»

Utah Hockey Club owner Ryan Smith was an impromptu guest on the @PatMcAfeeShow today. While on the show he said they've narrowed the team nickname down to four names, specifically naming the 'Mammoth' and 'Yeti' as two of the four frontrunners.

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That being said, it seems that the plan is still to go into their inaugural season simply as the Utah Hockey Club. However, if they pick the new name quick enough, perhaps the team will chose their color pallet based on the name.
All of that being said, the name is just one small part of the franchise. Smith will have a lot of work to do this summer as the team is set to have the most cap room in the league by far. Will he use that space to bring in a star player or two? Stick around to find out.
The Utah hockey club has more than $40 million in salary cap space come July 1, easily the most of any NHL club.

How might they spend it?

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Two of the four final names for Utah's NHL team revealed by owner

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