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Former Toronto Maple Leaf sends a warning to Mitch Marner

Published January 11, 2024 at 8:14

With Auston Matthews and William Nylander signing large deals recently, all eyes have shifted to what Mitch Marner will ask on his next deal. Many expect him to ask for more than Nylander signed for, and there is merit both for and against him getting paid more or less.

Former Maple Leaf discusses the Leafs and Marner and the other big four

Jay Rosehill, a former Leaf and current podcaster, had quite a bit to say on
Monday on The Leafs Nation's "Leafs Morning Take" former Leaf and current pod-caster, Jay Rosehill, had quite a bit to say on the contracts and the Leafs.

"I see it and I can't help, when I think about Willy, I wanna sign Willy, I don't wanna let him go but every time I think about that contract, I think about Marner and what do we do with the Core-four, Marner's no-trades kicked in and it's like what are we gonna do?

Look at the team this year, are they gonna go the distance? Are they gonna win the Stanley Cup this year? It would be some kind of a miracle and maybe some major changes at the trade deadline.. as of right now I don't think having that many eggs in the basket of the core-four is gonna work, it's not gonna work in the playoffs, you can have some pretty awesome regular seasons... but in my mind, I've said it before, we need to unload Marner and get as much as we possibly can for him."

It appears Mr. Rosehill is quite down on the Leafs and does not think they have a chance in the playoffs. It appears as though his plan is to get assets for Marner and then compete somehow after that with UFA signings or prospects. He further had more to say about Mitch Marner:

"He's just my pick for that and he's the only guy - I mean Marner, Nylander, or Matthews, no one is going to take that Tavares contract - so for me it's Marner, you can't walk away from Matthews, you don't walk away from Willy, and that leaves the odd man out as Marner and my opinion is that you're not going to win in the playoffs with him, he doesn't have the gumption, he doesn't have the tenacity, he won't go to war with you for two straight months."

Rosehill really believes that Marner is the problem that can solve the Leafs' playoff luck and pehaps he is right.

Further talk about the Toronto Maple Leafs defence

Jay Rosehill had more to add on where the Leafs can improve:

"Our back end is not good enough... see what you can get for Marner but now we're in a position with no-trades... It's an interesting spot and I really can't wait to see what this team looks like in say a year's time because I think it's going to be quite a bit different but it certainly will have William Nylander on it."

An area the Leafs always seem to lack on and that is defence. Although the star forwards seem to always disappear for stretches in the playoffs, there is always those few extra plays in a game that sink the teams chances of advancing.

The Leafs could improve on the back end, and in net, in all honestly, unless Samsonov can find his game again. It would also help if GM Brad Treliving did not tie up the cap with players that appear to not fit the roster either.

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Former Toronto Maple Leaf sends a warning to Mitch Marner

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