Corey Perry getting warmed up in a game with the Chicago Blackhawks, where he is now a free agent. Photo taken by TSN.
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Rumor: Corey Perry's Future NHL Team Has Been Revealed

Published January 11, 2024 at 7:58

Corey Perry was reinstated into the NHL by Commissioner Gary Bettman and his future team may have been revealed by analysts who are predicting what team he will sign with next to make a run at the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup. Perry was involved in a scandal in early December that led to his dismissal from the Chicago Blackhawks and is now a free agent.

His attributes come from an illustrious career, including a Stanley Cup championship and 4 appearances in the finals. What team he will sign with, however, is being observed and the news is expected to hit sooner rather than later.

Why the Edmonton Oilers should pursue forward Corey Perry

Corey Perry is an agile player, who can skate around on all aspects of the ice and knows how to get under the skin of the opposing players. His resume is well-built for a championship team, where he can cover any player and make their life miserable during games played.

The Edmonton Oilers need and want a player as such to protect their stars and have that kind of depth scoring to the team with superb defensive capabilities for the team to manage. They require a bottom-six forward who knows how to accomplish all of these areas of need and could take a deep run at the championship if indeed they happen to sign him.

For both Oilers and Corey Perry, this would be a match made in heaven and would have many implications as to where the Edmonton Oilers will be heading down the stretch of the season. Not to mention, that Corey Perry would thrive in the success of the team itself.

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Rumor: Corey Perry's Future NHL Team Has Been Revealed

What team is poised to go after Corey Perry?

Edmonton Oilers25720.4 %
Toronto Maple Leafs72557.5 %
Other27822.1 %
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