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John Tortorella Absolutely Blasts Reporter Over Question Linking Gauthier Trade to Hayes

Published January 11, 2024 at 6:51

John Tortorella is someone who has no problem speaking his mind. He will tell you what he thinks and if reporters do something that upsets him, boy will he let them know. Wednesday was no different.

Tortorella rips in to reporter who crafted a false story about Kevin Hayes

After the Jamie Drysdale for Cutter Gauthier trade on Monday between the Anaheim Ducks and Philadelphia Flyers, Anthony SanFilippo said that this was the reason why Gauthier wanted out of Philadelphia.

"I talked to somebody in the organization...Kevin Hayes' fingerprints are all over this."

Torts asked if the reporter who said this was in the room, and let us just say, unfortunately Anthony was.

"Are kidding me? Do you think Kevin Hayes is going to do something like that?

It pisses me off that you guys throw that shit around and it affects someone's life. Kevin Hayes and I had a problem, we couldn't come to an agreement on how to play. That's a good man. That's a good man. And what you said is going to stay with him. That's what you guys don't understand. And you're going to sit there and say you have the right sources. I call bullshit."

Ryan Whitney also had a take about Anthony SanFilippo after the clip was released.

I just talked to hayzie asking his opinion on this guy saying he was behind Cutter Gauthier requesting a trade. He started laughing and said «whoever that is is a complete clown and anyone who thinks I had anything to do with this doesn't have a brain»

What lead up to the incident on Wednesday nights press conference

Many were wondering the timing of the above trade as it was out of nowhere once it happened. Then people learned Gauthier told the Flyers he was not going to sign with the team and then the rumours went wild.

Anthony wanted some sympathy after Torts lit in to him.

Well, Torts just lit me up in his press conference about Kevin Hayes. Completely unprompted. That ought to be a joy for everyone for the next couple days.

Let me just say, you will not find any in his mentions or quote tweets.

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John Tortorella Absolutely Blasts Reporter Over Question Linking Gauthier Trade to Hayes

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