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Trade Talks Heating Up for the Maple Leafs to Acquire an NHL Captain

Published January 11, 2024 at 7:07

In recent news across the league, the Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to trade Nick Robertson to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a defenseman and captain Boone Jenner.

Both teams looking to move multiple pieces, however, that would make it a blockbuster trade and to see who would win this trade is an interesting scenario that the fans will be watching.

Boone Jenner is a strong power forward with ample speed and knowledge of the game on-ice. His attributes come from a dominating presence and physical game.

Nick Robertson is a goal scorer who has speed, agility, and overall a keen sense of offense to his game. Both would be a good fit for the respective clubs.

But, the key piece of their trade would be defenseman Andrew Peeke.

Andrew Peeke, a defenseman for the Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL, has shown notable growth in his role. Drafted in 2016, Peeke has developed into a reliable defensive presence for Columbus. Known for his solid defensive play and physicality, he effectively utilizes his size and reach. While not primarily an offensive player, Peeke contributes to the team's defense-first strategy. His consistent performance and potential for further development make him a valuable asset to the Blue Jackets' defensive lineup.

How would the trade affect both teams

The trade would be an ideal move by both clubs, who would be looking to offload some players and give them a fresh start with their new clubs.

This would give Toronto an added physical presence on the ice with a dominating effect of leadership and defense to date.

Boone Jenner has a scoring touch as well as fighting along the boards for puck possession. While Andrew Peeke is just a monster defensively.

Nick Robertson has that goal-scoring touch that would complement the likes of Johnny Gaudreau and help him excel with his team. There was not much room for the forward to play in Toronto with the Maple Leafs, because of the forward depth, and may perhaps be the X-factor going the other way to Columbus to bolster the second line of the club.

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Trade Talks Heating Up for the Maple Leafs to Acquire an NHL Captain

Who will win this trade in your opinion?

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Columbus Blue Jackets25123.5 %
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