Corey Perry during a game with the Chicago Blackhawks.
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Corey Perry Reaches Out and Expresses Interest in Joining a Top Canadian Powerhouse Team

Published January 11, 2024 at 10:21

Corey Perry was deemed to be eligible to return to NHL play after a review of his conduct by the NHL, and now there is reported interest from this Canadian Team.

Perry and the Toronto Maple Leafs Have Mutual Interest in Potential Signing

The NHL dropped massive news yesterday, that Corey Perry will be eligible for a return to the league this year. This was somewhat shocking, given Perry's quick dismissal from the Chicago Blackhawks with only minor details revealed about the situation.

Now, former Leaf Carlo Colaiacovo has reported that he and Mike Johnston have discussed that there is a mutual interest between both the Leafs and Perry.

My understanding is that there is mutual interest between #LeafsForever & Corey Perry & we discussed that with @mike_p_johnson

Since the news has dropped about Perry's ability to play this season, there has been a lot of speculation on whether or not a team should sign him, and if fans want him there.

Would Perry Sign in Biggest Market in NHL After Scandalous Exit?

No one knows exactly what happened that caused Perry to be terminated from the Blackhawks. Perry has been diligent not to let any of the details be leaked to the press. It seems unlikely, or at least questionable that he would want to join a market where the spotlight is the greatest, and where he will surely be asked about the incident almost incessantly.

You really think he wants to be in the biggest spotlight in the league after what went down in Chicago? I'm sure he won't get pestered about the thing we still have no idea about.

We will see where Perry decides to play, if anywhere, as the deadline for his signing approaches.
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Corey Perry Reaches Out and Expresses Interest in Joining a Top Canadian Powerhouse Team

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