Toronto Maple Leafs rookie goaltender Joseph Woll after he got injured during a game.
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LATEST: Major update on Maple Leafs Joseph Woll

Published January 15, 2024 at 10:47

There's been a major update on Joseph Woll's recovery after a massive injury forced him to miss the last month.


Keefe Provides a Huge Update on Woll

On December 7th, in a game against the Ottawa Senators, Leafs rookie goaltender Joseph Woll suffered an ankle sprain. He finally returned on the ice a few days ago.

Today, as the Leafs prepare to go on a four-game trip, coach Keefe shared another update on Joseph Woll's health.

He revealed that there's a change Woll will travel with the team on that trip, where the Leafs are set to face the Oilers, the Flames, the Canucks and the Kraken.

While it's unlikely that he plays one of these games, the fact that he travels with the team indicates that he could return to practice before the team comes back from the trip.

Leafs' Goalie Joseph Woll to Return in a Week?


With the Maple Leafs coming back home from the four-game trip in a week, there's a change that Woll comes back right after, around the 24, where the Leafs will face the Jets in Toronto.

To determine Woll's return, we can look at Timothy Liljegren, who had the same kind of injury. The defenseman missed six weeks and Woll is currently going through his fifht week of recovery.

While the recovery process can be very different, considering they don't play the same position, it is expected that the goalie will come back before the end of the month.

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LATEST: Major update on Maple Leafs Joseph Woll

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