Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl celebrating a goal with Connor McDavid
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Dreger's Take: Oilers and Draisaitl's Tough Contract Talks Ahead

Published March 22, 2024 at 10:12 PM

NHL insider Darren Dreger believes the Edmonton Oilers could have a tough task ahead as they attempt to extend Leon Draisaitl starting over the summer. The team will have the salary cap to consider when re-signing the superstar.

Dreger hints at Oilers having difficulty signing Draisaitl this summer

Leon Draisaitl has just one year remaining on his contract after this season is over. As a result, he will be eligible to sign an extension with the Oilers as soon as July first, but NHL insider Darren Dreger doesn't think that will happen.

Darren Dreger doesn't think Draisaitl will sign right away on July 1st in Edmonton.

«I think this could be fascinating to see how it plays out and drags on» 🤔 🤔

Draisaitl signed his current eight-year contract with the Oilers in the summer of 2017. With an average-annual-value of just 8.5 million dollars, it has since become the best value contract in the NHL. The superstar center has put up 100 point seasons in four of the seven years on that deal and he is well on pace to hit that mark again this season, making it five of eight years. Furthermore, it is expected at this point that he will score at least 100 points again next season as well, assuming he remains healthy for the whole season.

It's hilarious to think about but Leon Draisaitl, is having an "off" season. In his world, that means finishing with north of 40 goals and 100 points. Not too shabby. The dude is a monster!!! #LetsGoOilers

McDavid, Draisaitl both due big raises from Edmonton Oilers

Perhaps the bigger problem facing the Oilers is Connor McDavid. His contract will end after the 2025-26 season, just one year after Draisaitl. He currently makes 12.5 million dollars against the cap and is also due a big raise after he's put up 100 point seasons in seven of the past eight campaigns, failing to hit the mark only in the shortened 2019-20 season where he scored a measly 97 points.

Please enjoy the absolute clinic Connor McDavid (@cmcdavid97) put on tonight. 🎬

One goal, four primary assists.

Oh, and he factored in on every goal.

By the time his extension comes around, he could easily be making 15 million dollars a year against the cap if not more. This obviously makes signing both McDavid and Draisaitl difficult as the two could combine for a huge percentage of the cap. It seems that both the players are aware of this. Draisaitl himself even suggested he could soon be playing without Connor McDavid earlier this season.

Needless to say, the Oilers are certainly in for some difficult decisions as they try to figure out a way to keep both superstars in Edmonton.

Source: Darren Dreger Predicts Difficulty For Oilers To Sign Leon Draisaitl
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Dreger's Take: Oilers and Draisaitl's Tough Contract Talks Ahead

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