Capitals forward Tom Wilson shooting the puck against the Pittsburgh Penguins
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Capitals' Tom Wilson Receives his Sixth NHL Suspension

Published March 22, 2024 at 5:55 PM

Capitals forward Tom Wilson has been suspended six games for his high-stick on Toronto Maple Leafs forward Noah Gregor last night. The decision comes after a long history of suspensions for Wilson.

Wilson offered in-person hearing for high-stick incident

The Capitals forward was assessed a double minor penalty last night after he swung his stick into Gregor's face. However, the Department of Player Safety apparently feels that the play was worth a much bigger punishment as they offered him a rare in-person hearing for the play

Tom Wilson has been offered an in-person hearing by NHL Player Safety for this high stick against Noah Gregor

This is just the third in-person hearing offered this season, opening the door for a suspension longer than five games. This particular play didn't seem to be that bad, but the league seems to be eager to crack down on these kinds of plays. Furthermore, Tom Wilson has an extensive history of suspensions with the NHL. This is likely a big reason why the Capitals forward is suddenly receiving such a big suspension for the play.

Department of Player Safety to make changes with suspensions

Another possible reason for this in-person hearing has to do with the annual NHL general manager's meeting, which was held earlier this week. Manny of the league's GMs were apparently not happy with the way suspensions and player safety in general has been run by George Parros. This came out as the NHL executive gave his annual address as part of the meeting.

"I take more beatings now than I ever did on the ice..."

NHL senior VP of player safety George Parros joins @GinoRedaTSN to shed light on how the league determines suspension length and what areas he believes they need to improve in:

It seems that NHL executives are just as upset with the league for their inconsistent enforcement of suspensions as fans are. That being said, this suspension to Wilson should hopefully set a new standard. Otherwise it will just be seen as another seemingly random decision.

Tom Wilson suspended six games after high-stick on Noah Gregor

The Department of Player Safety just announced Wilson's suspension after his in-person hearing concluded. The Capitals veteran was given x games for the incident, making it his 6th suspension of his career and his x longest.

Wilson's last suspension was just over three-years ago but he has largely played the same style of game since then. It was only a matter of time before he earned another trip to the press box.
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Capitals' Tom Wilson Receives his Sixth NHL Suspension

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