Leafs have strong interest in extending Jake McCabe says Friedman

Tyler Ball
May 7, 2024  (11:04)

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake McCabe skating during an away game against the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL.
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With the Toronto Maple Leafs season coming to an end with a loss to the Boston Bruins focus has shifted to the offseason. New comments from Elliotte Friedman have indicated that bringing back Jake McCabe will be a priority for the Maple Leafs.

Since their season ended there has been a ton of speculation regarding the future of several Toronto Maple Leafs players. A new report from Elliotte Friedman has indicated that Jake McCabe has become a key member of the team both on and off the ice. As a result, re-signing him has become a priority for the organization.
"It's going to be interesting, are they going to try to extend McCabe? I heard in addition to how he played, the organization loves him behind the scenes, especially when they went down three games to one. A lot of the attitude came from him, the pride within the team, the pride in his teammates, the 'us against the world' mentality that would make Pat Quinn proud. Quinn was the king of 'us against the world' I wouldn't be surprised if they look at him and decide, 'what can we do here?'". - Elliotte Friedman on Jake McCabe

Making Jake McCabe a part of the peripheral Leafs core this offseason would be smart business. Heart and soul type of guy who has proven capable of playing a prominent role.

With how much the Toronto Maple Leafs have struggled with consistency in recent years extending a reliable player that is well respected in the locker room is a no-brainer. Depending on the exact terms Jake McCabe is looking for this should be a priority for the Toronto Maple Leafs to get done heading into free agency.
As free agency comes closer it will be interesting to see if the chatter picks up on exact details of a potential extension between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Jake McCabe.
Source: Maple Leafs Daily - Insider reveals intriguing update on the Maple Leafs and Jake McCabe
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Leafs have strong interest in extending Jake McCabe says Friedman

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