Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson whacking Toronto Maple Leafs forward Noah Gregor in the face with his stick
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Noah Gregor Makes Statement After High-Stick By Tom Wilson

Published March 22, 2024 at 7:23 PM

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Noah Gregor spoke out after taking a stick to the face from Capitals forward Tom Wilson. His interpretation of events may be different from what the Department of Player Safety saw.

Gregor addresses high-stick from Wilson

The Leafs forward is set to get some off-season dental work done after he chipped multiple teeth when Tom Wilson violently struck him in the mouth with his stick.

However, Leafs fans might be surprised to hear Gregor has no hard feelings about the incident. He said that the Capitals forward immediately apologized to him and helped make sure he didn't fall after the play, which could have made his injuries worse.

Gregor said Wilson apologized in the moment. "I don't think he's trying to slash a guy in the face. I don't think anyone in the league is ever trying to do that. Probably a little reckless with the stick and unfortunately got me, but I'm fine. The league will handle it." #Leafs

That being said, the league doesn't seem to agree with Gregor's interpretation of events, even if he is the most qualified person to speak on this matter. The NHL's Department of Player Safety suspended Wilson for six games, making it his 6th career suspension.

Washington's Tom Wilson has been suspended for six games for high-sticking Toronto's Noah Gregor.

One might think that Wilson's actions immediately following the incident would lessen the suspension length but that does not appear to be the case. The league cited the fact that Wilson has an extensive suspension history already in their decision to go with the lengthy punishment. Wilson's last suspension came in 2021 when he was suspended seven games for boarding Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo.

One would think that Wilson would have learned his lesson by now, but it seems that he just can't avoid suspensions for more than a couple years at a time. Hopefully this will be the last suspension the 29-year-old receives in his NHL career, but most fans of the NHL won't be holding out too much hope for that.

That being said, some fans and analysts alike have pointed out that this suspension feels different. Gregor revealing that Wilson was immediately remorseful seems to have made this situation more complicated that at first thought.

The mood around this is so strange because there was immediate remorse from Wilson and Noah Gregor didn't even seem to care when asked about it. It's a reckless play and can't happen but the six games is definitely Tom Wilson paying the Tom Wilson tax, which he's earned.

Perhaps Wilson could have a good case to get the suspension reduced if he chooses to appeal. We will just have to wait and see if that happens.

Source: Noah Gregor reveals what Tom Wilson said to him after brutal high stick
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Noah Gregor Makes Statement After High-Stick By Tom Wilson

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