Gabriel Landeskog during a game for the Colorado Avalanche staring into the distance
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Major Turnaround in Gabriel Landeskog's NHL Career

Published January 11, 2024 at 2:24 PM

It's been a bumpy road for Gabriel Landeskog since he won the Stanley Cup in 2022. The longtime Avalanche captain has been dealing with some serious injuries that have kept him not only away from games, but off the ice altogether.

Great News For Landeskog

While at one point it looked like Landeskog may never play hockey again, we've now gotten reports that the veteran forward has made his return to the ice.

This is a development.

Gabriel Landeskog is skating.

While it isn't much, and Landeskog made sure to take it slow, this is a massive improvement from where he was just a few short months ago. Perhaps this means we could see Landeskog back in an Avs jersey before the end of the season.

Fans Raise Suspicions

Given the amount of miraculous rebounds from terrible injuries we've seen from players in the past few years once the playoffs come around, fans started to call out Landeskog and the Avalanche for doing the same.

Oh wow real shocker when he's magically healed for game one of the first round. Who saw this coming

Colorado playing those cap games like Vegas. They gotta change that shit so badly.

Do you think this is a case of cap circumvention or a true medical miracle?

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Major Turnaround in Gabriel Landeskog's NHL Career

Will Landeskog return this season?

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