Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid in Boston playing against the Bruins and Brad Marchand.
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Boston Bruins Captain Brad Marchand Throws Major Shade At Connor McDavid

Published January 6, 2024 at 5:31 PM

In a recent interview with an NHL reporter Boston Bruins star captain Brad Marchand had comments that throw major shade at Connor McDavid and other young stars.

Marchand Throws Major Shade At McDavid With Latest Comments

While being interviewed for a piece talking about Brad Marchand's relationship with Sidney Crosby Marchand threw some shade at young NHL stars including Connor McDavid. Marchand did so with the controversial opinion that Sidney Crosby is the best player in the NHL today.

If you look at the details of the game, and full 200 feet, he's by far the best player in the league.

Sidney Crosby in recent years has faded into the background when it comes to superstardom. This is in large part due to the emergence of players like Connor McDavid, Connor Bedard, and many others. Despite these players becoming the faces of the league Brad Marchand is not so convinced these players deserve the hype.

Marchand Calls Out Young Stars For Being Overhyped

While taking shots at players not named Sidney Crosby Marchand decided to go after young phenom Connor Bedard. Marchand believes that while Bedard is a great player he is nowhere near the level of Sidney Crosby.

If you look at the attention Bedard is getting compared to Sid, they're not at the same level right now. Bedard is a helluva player for his age, but Crosby is one of the best to ever play the game.

Finally, Marchand finishes by saying he believes that Crosby can stay the top player for as long as he wants with how soft the league has become.

He'll be able to play at that level as long as he wants to, especially with how soft the league is getting

These comments are sure to be heard around the NHL by players on every team. It could land Marchand in some tricky situations where he has to answer for the claims he has made.

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Boston Bruins Captain Brad Marchand Throws Major Shade At Connor McDavid

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