BREAKING: Elliotte Friedman Reveals The Extent of Dylan Larkin's Injury

Published December 11, 2023 at 1:57 PM
In breaking news, Elliotte Friedman has revealed the fate of Dylan Larkin's injury which has Red-Wings' fans up in arms.

Elliotte Friedman Reveals Dylan Larkin Will Miss Time


Dylan Larkin was subject to a brutal play during the Red Wings-Senators game, which left him lying unconscious on the ice. Now, Detroit has been faced with terrible news, that Larkin will be missing some time.

Elliotte Friedman revealed on his 32 Thoughts podcast that Dylan Larkin will miss time due to the injury he suffered against the Senators.

"I have no doubt the Red Wings are angry that they are facing the only extra penalty here in terms of player suspension, like it was their captain who was down, who is injured, I think Larkin is going to miss some time."

Friedman notes how the Red Wings were likely furious about how the whole play worked out, with the Red Wings being the only team to get an extra penalty during the sequence of the scrum.

The Red Wings, right in the hunt this year, will have to work out how they are going to handle their Captain being gone for some time if they want to continue being competitive this season.

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BREAKING: Elliotte Friedman Reveals The Extent of Dylan Larkin's Injury

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