Auston Matthews Now Implicated in Investigation Surrounding Kyle Dubas

Published May 25, 2023 at 7:09 PM
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Auston Matthews has been wrapped up in the investigation of Kyle Dubas and whether or not him being under the same firm as Matthews was fair play.

Auston Matthews Now Implicated in Investigation Surrounding Kyle Dubas

Auston Matthews' agent, Judd Moldaver, and Kyle Dubas' agent, Chris Armstrong, both work at the same agency firm and some have called out the fact as potentially being mischievous.

The NHLPA has launched an investigation into the two agents working for the same firm because this is a massive rule violation and could lead to Dubas having alternative motives.

However, this may not be a violation as Armstrong is not an NHLPA certified agent while Moldaver is. That is where the gray area is.

The Rule in Question

Here is a direct quote of the rule they are investigating.

Agents are prohibited from representing, providing services to, either directly or indirectly, or engaging in or proposing to engage in business ventures with any officer, employee or independent contractor of an NHL Club, other Professional Hockey Club or Canadian Major Junior Hockey Club or any other entity affiliated with any of the foregoing, including but not limited to coaches, general managers, scouts and locker room personnel.«

While it makes sense why this rule is in place, it seems like Dubas isn't doing anything wrong. His agent is in a completely different branch as Matthews' and the situations line up. Moldaver represents some of the top talent in the league like Matthews, Connor McDavid, and Aaron Ekblad, while Armstrong is a good friend of Dubas' that goes way back.

Most likely, the NHLPA will see no violation and they are most likely grasping at straws to stir up controversy.

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Auston Matthews Now Implicated in Investigation Surrounding Kyle Dubas

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