Former Leafs Goalie Claims Mitch Marner is Done in Toronto

Julien Trekker
April 25, 2024  (11:48)

Mitch Marner in action with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Photo credit: Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers

The former Maple Leafs goaltender Andrew Raycroft claimed that Mitch Marner is done in Toronto amid his underwhelming playoff performances against the Boston Bruins.

A few weeks ago, when Marner returned from his high ankle sprain, Raycroft already believed his days in Toronto would come to an end soon.
Here's what the former goalie declared on TSN's First Up on Thursday morning:
"I said to a few people, when Marner went after the media about the ankle injury three weeks ago, 'he's done'.

I've been there, I've answered a question like that in that market and that guy is never coming back from that. I think were seeing some of that right now.

He can score goals and they can go on and win but he's not coming back from that comment. No one is going to forget it - everyone is always going to go back to it. Every game he doesn't get a point they'll go back to him having a bad attitude or whatever reason and when he scores they're going to say he should've done it cause he makes $10M a year.

It's unfortunate for Mitch. He certainly wasn't good the first two games. he was hard to find out there sometimes. That doesn't mean he can't get 3 assists tonight, he can't get 4 points in Game 4. He has that kind of talent, but just watching how the media has kind of switched on him and then doing this in the playoffs - this isn't going away even if he plays great the next little while."

Set to become a free agent in the 2025 summer, not only will the Leafs struggle to offer him the contract he'll surely seek for, but other teams could be interested in him.
Also, with all the negative attention he's been getting recently, even if he's a die-hard Leafs fan, Marner could be starting to get tired of the market.
Being blasted on the front page of the biggest newspaper in Toronto isn't exactly what star players look for.
Source: Maple Leafs Daily - Ex-Leafs goalie publicly states that Marner "done" in Toronto
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Former Leafs Goalie Claims Mitch Marner is Done in Toronto

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