Jeremy Swayman reveals he wanted the Maple Leafs to draft him

Marvin Azrak
April 25, 2024  (12:37)

Boston Bruins goaltender Jermey Swayman
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Boston Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman, Alaska, had a pretty wild ride during the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. Instead of rubbing shoulders in Chicago, he opted for a cozy setup at home with his dad, tuning into the draft on his laptop. To his surprise, the Bruins swooped in and picked him in the fourth round, catching him off guard.

I knew I wasn't going in the first round with it being my first year eligible for the draft. There was a lot of hope, but I was a C-rated prospect so it wasn't necessary.

He was telling the guys on the "Empty Netters" podcast all about it.
I was just chilling at my breakfast table, not expecting much. I mean, I wasn't expecting to be a first-rounder or anything, but still, you hope, right?

Throughout the year, he had scouts buzzing around him. Even the Toronto Maple Leafs were sniffing around. But when Toronto didn't call his name in the fourth round, he was a bit disappointed.
It was the fourth round, and Toronto came up, and they picked a goalie. I was kind of bummed but at the same time hopeful still because I had talked to other teams.

Little did he know, something bigger was brewing.
The Wi-Fi at Swayman's place wasn't top-notch, so his buddy at the draft told him before the announcement.
I'm staring at the screen, nothing's happening, and then boom—my phone blows up. Turns out, I'm a Bruin!

Being in Alaska meant he got to celebrate with his family all day long.
It was nuts, man. One moment you're bummed, the next, you're on top of the world.
Since then, the Bruins netminder has tormented the Leafs and is 5-0 against them this season and has both wins against them so far in this first round series.
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Jeremy Swayman reveals he wanted the Maple Leafs to draft him

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