Sean Avery confirms a comeback to the NHL

Published February 4, 2022 at 2:06 PM

Former NHL'er Sean Avery has confirmed he's working on making a possible NHL return. Avery was known as a super pest, comparable to Boston Bruins Brad Marchand but without Marchand's talent.


Sean Avery was known for his antics to goaltenders, especially New Jersey Devils legend Martin Brodeur and the infamous stick wave. Last week, the rumours of a potential comeback for Avery started, and Thursday Avery confirmed he's indeed working on a NHL return.


Avery was a guest on the Blackballed podcast when he made the announcement. The former NHL forward played for the Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers, and Dallas Stars but hasn't skated since his 2012 in his final season in the NHL.


Avery will turn 42 in September and after being out of the game for 10 years, he believes he can regain his former shape and be ready to go in his estimation of 7 months. Avery believes he will get a invite from a NHL team for training camp next season, but only time will tell if he does make it. Still, it will definitely be interesting news to follow.

Here's the video:

Credit: HockeyFeed
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