John Lu and Darren Dreger share who the Real Untouchables on the Canadiens are

Published February 4, 2022 at 1:36 PM

TSN discussed the latest on the Montreal Canadiens, from TSN's Habs reporter John Lu and Hockey insider Darren Dreger this is what they shared.

Montreal Canadiens reporter John Lu said, "Carey Price expressing concern when or if he will return to play this season or beyond was a stunning revelation. According to Price there will be a lot going on in the first half of February with respect to the recovery of his knee, which experienced two setbacks since he began rehab last fall. Consequently the Canadiens will have to continue soldiering on without their MVP."

"Just before their bye week started Jeff Petry said, they could wish the season is over or they could use the rest of it as a building block to try to make something good out of a bad situation. Well a building block would align with one of Kent Hughes stated objectives which is to improve the team's player development however that is a dicey proposition for young players currently immersed in that after mention bad situation one that is lack structure a system or ability defend on too many nights so far."


John Lu continues saying,
"Indeed making something good out of a bad situation might not show a significant impact until further down the road, because for the here-and-now Canadiens players are playing for pride, trying to secure jobs or showcasing themselves and on that ladder point the trade deadline will be the team's next crucial signpost, an opportunity for Hughes to start shaping the roster according to his vision and further stocking the cupboard with prospects or draft choices, with the Canadiens hosting the draft five months from now here at the Bell Centre."


Gino Reda asks Darren Dreger : "Simple question no move or no trade clause aside are there any untouchables on the Habs roster?"

To which TSN's hockey insider Darren Dreger said,


"I would say the young guys right Suzuki, Caufield at this point are untouchable unless somebody makes a ridiculous offer that you have to at least consider and then I suppose you go deeper than that but some of the prospects of the Montreal Canadiens have, but they are open for business and Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton don't have any other options other than to be open for business and they're going to be players who stepped forward and officially request a trade, that hasn't officially happened but it's going to happen between now and March 21st."


He continues, "It's easy to identify who your pending unrestricted free agents are everybody knows that. So what's going to be most interesting is Kent Hughes approach to this, if he is looking for a turn over I don't think there's any question that he is just in the transition of the renovation rebuild of the Montreal Canadiens. How eager is he going to be to get as much work done as possible between now and March 21st. We don't know that, he doesn't know that, it's going to be up to the buyer to determine what the market is but there's no doubt that the Montreal Canadiens are going to look a lot different after March 21st trade deadline. "

Credit: TSN.ca
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