Phillip Danault is on the verge of breaking his best goal-scoring record

Published February 4, 2022 at 9:46

Anyone cringes when Phillip Danault and former Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin are mentioned together.

Something happened in their relationship, and Danault left Montreal for the sunny beaches in Los Angeles.

The irony of Marc Bergevin joining him in LA is astounding.

His 6 year $33 million contract with the Kings gave him more offensive responsibilities.

When the deal was signed, most experts thought Danault would get top-line minutes and extra offensive support for 1 or 2 seasons at most.

Danault will likely return to his role with the Canadiens as a 3rd line center who can play on the 2nd line if needed with a defensive first assignment.

Regardless, Danault recently scored his 12th goal in 45 games.

He scored 13 goals with the Canadiens twice, in 2016-17, his first full season, and in 2018-19, when he also had his most points (53). He's on pace for 44 points.

Credit: aWinningHabit
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