Sabres UFA Future Options Include Auston Matthew, Leon Draisaitl and Patrick Kane

Published August 22, 2021 at 9:21

According to reporter John Vogl of The Athletic, who covers the Sabres closely, Buffalo GM Kevyn Adams is reportedly putting his organization in a position where it can target some very big names on the free-agent market between 2022 and 2025.

The goal is to let the team's young players develop and have big roles, and then pair them with star players.

Vogl adds:

"GM Kevyn Adams is clear. As soon as the Sabres' young players are mature enough, Adams will surround them with talented, established players. There are several big names that should be free as air on the free agent market over the next 4 years, franchise players and future Hockey Hall of Famers. Buffalo is certainly not on their radar right now, but that could all change by their next contract."

Players like Leon Draisaitl, Patrick Kane, and Auston Matthews come to mind.

In fact, there's little indication these players desire to leave their present teams, let alone move to Buffalo.

It simply implies that stars and franchise players will have to sign new contracts.

It's a dangerous strategy to watch between now and 2025...

On the subject of the Sabres' young players, let's not forget that defenseman Owen Power chose to return to Michigan to play for the Wolverines rather than join Buffalo for the upcoming season.

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Sabres UFA Future Options Include Auston Matthew, Leon Draisaitl and Patrick Kane

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