Rumor: A friend of John Torterella is buying the Buffalo Sabres

Published June 19, 2021 at 6:48 PM

In the offseason, the coaching carousel in the National Hockey League is usually a fascinating topic, but I must say that today's rumour is unlike anything I've heard before. Not only is one of the league's most infamous coaches being linked to a possible change of guard behind the bench of an NHL team, but the speculation also links him to the possible sale of the same team.

Former NHL general manager Doug MacLean claimed on a recent episode of the Kyper at Noon podcast that he has heard rumblings of a truly significant rumour involving former Columbus Blue Jackets head coach John Tortorella. MacLean claimed that he had been told that a long-time Tororella friend was seriously considering buying the Buffalo Sabres from the Pegula family, who presently owns the team.

"Listen, here's what I heard," began MacLean. "As they say in P.E.I. I'm not telling you it's the truth I'm just telling you what I've heard. Somebody mentioned to me that a friend of John Tortorella's is trying to buy the Buffalo Sabres," said MacLean."

MacLean appeared to think he was going on good information here because he asked his co host, former NHL player Nick Kypreos, if he had heard of similar rumblings around the league. Although Kypreos admitted that he had not heard of Tortorella's potential link to the sale of the Buffalo Sabres, he did go on to add that he had heard the Pegula family might be looking to move on from the NHL.

"Have I heard that the Pegula's don't love the Sabres as much as they love the Bills? Yes," said Kypreos in response to MacLean's question.

By anyone's standards, that is a blockbuster of a rumour, and the fact that it came from the mouth of a former general manager in the league lends it some credence. The two hosts then went on to talk about how Tortorella's style might work with the current Buffalo Sabres roster, notably captain Jack Eichel, and they had plenty of questions.

« What would Tortorella do with a guy like Jack Eichel?" asked Kypreos. "It wouldn't even be a fair fight."

MacLean appeared to agree.

"Torts is 63 and it wouldn't be a fair fight," said MacLean with a laugh.

Credit: HockeyFeed
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