Maclean destroys the Leafs over the Jason Spezza signing

Published June 19, 2021 at 4:38 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced this week that they have reached an agreement with veteran NHL player Jason Spezza on a new contract deal. The decision was enthusiastically praised by fans and commentators alike, which should come as no surprise. Spezza is a hugely popular personality in the Toronto markets, both with fans and the media, and has done a lot to win over Maple Leafs supporters since joining the team in the 2019-2020 National Hockey League season.

Former NHL general manager Doug MacLean was one of the most vocal critics of the decision to sign Spezza to a new contract. MacLean highlighted his displeasure with the decision on a recent episode of Real Kyper at Noon, calling it an open attempt by Maple Leafs management to deflect attention away from the team's recent failings.

"What is that?" asked MacLean when asked about the decision to quickly extend Spezza for another season. "You couldn't have signed Jason 2 months from now and you were worried he was gonna go somewhere? It's a PR move because Spezza is a favorite, they like him, and this takes a little bit of heat off management."

MacLean argued that Maple Leafs management, and I suspect he was referring directly to general manager Kyle Dubas here, should have bigger priorities at the moment than the signing of an aging veteran who has already made it clear he intends to stay in Toronto on numerous occasions. Specifically MacLean chided the Leafs for not focusing on the future of fan favorite Zach Hyman.

"Figure out Hyman ok?" asked MacLean. "Figure out Hyman before you worry about signing Jason Spezza."

"When I saw they signed him I just chuckled," said MacLean. "I love Jason, I love what he's done, I like his little giggles, I like lots of things about him and I like the way he's played. But come on just make a deal with him and announce it before training came, like it's a big deal? And then the media come running like 'Oh my god we got Jason signed, oh my god!'" mocked MacLean.

"So I'm thinking, is there a guy on the Leafs roster that plays playoff style hockey? Which is what they need more than anything is somebody to play playoff style hockey.... Is there a guy that plays more of a playoff game on their roster than Hyman?" asked MacLean. "Well I'm telling you before I lose Hyman you better do some serious soul searching about how your team is going to perform at playoff time, because he is one guy that brings it."

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Maclean destroys the Leafs over the Jason Spezza signing

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