Habs Paul Byron on struggling with chronic pain

Published February 6, 2022 at 9:21

With Carey Price shining light on mental health people are finally starting to accept it as just the same as other medical conditions.

But what happens when a lack of physical health directly impacts your mental health? When chronic pain makes things like a full night sleep impossible? Or when you can't play with your kids because of your pain how does that effect mental health?


This is what Montreal Canadiens forward Paul Byron has been dealing with for years now, having pain come and go and effecting his way of life, which caused Byron to have off season hip surgery to try to have a better life and live life pain free.


Paul Byron returned to the Canadiens line up Sunday night after recovering from surgery and then covid. Byron said, "he's feeling better and ready to put his pain and hip surgery behind him".

With the Canadiens being dead last in the NHL, Paul Byron is playing for a spot to remain in the new Montreal Canadiens, this season is toast we all know that but for players who want to remain here they need to play strong for the rest of this season, playing with and for pride.


Credit:The Athletic
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