Sean Avery disses some NHL players at the Skills Competition

Published February 5, 2022 at 8:35 PM

For a guy trying to make a NHL comeback, Sean Avery isn't making many friends. The former pest of the NHL wanted to speak his mind Friday night after the NHL's skills competition.


Sean Avery has never also been one to not speak his mind good or bad (mostly bad) over his career, but he took to Social media last night to target some of today's young stars. To put it mildly, Sean Avery wasn't a fan of the skills competition that was held in Las Vegas, home of the Golden Knights.


Avery called the show "poor decisions from top to bottom." Avery went in on a variety of topics ranging from the Skills Competition to players like Montreal Canadiens forward Nick Suzuki and Ottawa Senators forward Brady Tkachuk, and he didn't pull a single punch.

Avery seemed to have a problem with Montreal Canadiens forward Nick Suzuki for wearing in Avery's opinion "dirty shoes" Avery said, "He couldn't be bothered to get himself a clean pair of shoes for the All-Stars Game events."

"Glad that Suzuki could bust out a new pair of sneakers for the event," said Avery, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Look at how dirty his shoes are. "


Suzuki was participating in some of the new unique events that all were meant to have that Vegas theme. Sean Avery hated it and said,

"This is electric television," said Avery, once again his voice full of sarcasm. "Just electric, unbelievable All-Star, this is just incredible. Electric television, this is electric honestly. They make them smack on the puck and then the puck lights up. who are the f***ing geniuses that came up with this? This is incredible, electric television. Look at the camera, close cam. electric. This is ridiculous, this whole thing is ridiculous. I wanna watch the best players in the world take breakaways on the best goalies in the world, I don't wanna watch this bad theatre. This is so embarrassing."

Avery's night wasn't done he then took some time to diss Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk for his outfit for the event Friday night saying,

"Who dressed Brady Tkachuk? He's got a pair of Adidas NMDs on from 7 years ago". "Oh my god, I don't even understand what are we watching right now? I wanna watch the best players in the world. not this guy in street clothes. "


It will be interesting indeed if Sean Avery does return to the NHL with this new generation of players who all can skate circles around a player like him.

Credit: HockeyFeed
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