Dominique Ducharme gives us an update on Jonathan Drouin

Published June 10, 2021 at 3:49 PM

Jonathan Drouin took the hockey world by surprise by leaving the Canadiens bubble for personal reasons. He has been away since, but remains very close to his teammates.

Jonathan Drouin has contacted his teammates (via text message I presume) a few times since the start of the playoffs. He is obviously happy. He is still part of the family and «we want his best» says Ducharme.

As Marc-André Perreault reported, this morning during his press conference, Dominique Ducharme mentioned that Drouin is very happy with the success of his team and that he sends messages (texting we presume) after certain meetings.

He's still part of the family and the whole team wants his best, the coach said.

It is very positive to hear that the Quebec player is still involved in the entourage of the team. He recently sent a message to a person who was going to have an operation to support them and thank them for encouraging the CH.

For now, no return date is scheduled for Drouin.
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