LEBRUN: Canadiens' Marc Bergevin praised for vision by NHL GMs

Published June 10, 2021 at 11:19

Ken Holland, Oilers GM: «I think Berg has done a marvelous job. He's definitely a General Manager of the Year candidate, if he doesn't win it I would anticipate him being one of the finalists. He's done a marvelous job. It's taken time. He's done it over a few years. He's done it piece by piece by piece by putting in building blocks and surrounded those pieces with really good free-agent signings and he's built a team that's in the final four. When you're in the final four, you've got a chance to go on and win the Stanley Cup. Hats off to Marc Bergevin for a job well done.»

Jim Nill, Stars GM: «Marc had a real good offseason and went out and addressed needs, the (Joel) Edmundsons, (Tyler) Toffolis and (Josh) Andersons. He believed in what he was doing. (Corey) Perry was a big pickup, too, probably under the radar, but an important add for the team and his results during the season and now in the playoffs are reaping (the) reward. And Marc also had to make tough decisions during the season (coaching change). That's not easy. He had support of ownership which is important. I'm happy for him because that's not an easy market and he believed in a plan. The only thing now is that we need to get him a haircut!»

Doug Armstrong, Blues GM (via text message): «Marc built his team from the goalie out with big defensemen, playoff style hockey, and he and his organization are being rewarded.»

Brian MacLellan, Capitals GM: «I thought Berg did a good job. Obviously he has a vision that he stuck to and it's nice to see it paying off for him. I liked what he did last offseason, me personally I didn't think he got enough credit for the moves he made. I think he did a great job Best thing about Montreal winning is that Berg has to keep wearing the red jacket and he can't get a haircut.»

Bill Zito, Panthers GM: «What you're seeing is the vision that Berg had when he put the pieces together actually coming to fruition. When you say ‘surprising run,' he would probably tell you ‘No it's not surprising.' This is what he intended. He had a plan and it came together. Which is hard to do.»

Joel Quenneville, Panthers head coach (via text message): «Happy for Berge. Playing a real solid, patient game with a check-first mentality. Strong on pucks. (Defensive zone) structure with a strong purpose, clean up second and third opportunities and let Pricer see the first one. (Neutral zone) very disciplined, tough to get through with possession offensively. They are holding onto pucks, spending quality time in (offensive zone).»

Jarmo Kekalainen, Blue Jackets GM (via text message): «Marc has done a great job, he is a passionate hockey guy driven to win. I am happy for his success.»

Credit: TheAthletic
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