Canadians start hostilities for series against Maple Leafs

Published May 13, 2021 at 8:16

The Canadiens will face the Maple Leafs in the first round of the NHL playoffs.

So, for the first time since 1979, Montreal and Toronto will meet in the playoffs.

Before the players engage in a duel on the ice, the social media managers of the Habs started the hostilities. In a very short video, we can see a huge sign with the words GO HABS GO with the CN Tower in the background.

But beware: this is not a new ad.

This is a sign that was installed in Toronto in August 2020 to cheer on the Canadians who were on the playoff teams in the COVID bubble.

A great way to recycle a post and give it some new meaning.

To the person who had the idea to take it back: well done!

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