A Canadian Team wants to play the remainder of the season in the US

Published February 6, 2022 at 9:23

With all the restrictions in Canada compared to the US its clearly frustrating to the 7 teams in Canada. The NHL also doesn't appear to be happy with the state of Canada's affairs.

During tonight's NHL All-Star Game, hockey Insider Elliotte Friedman revealed that at least one team in Canada has expressed interest to play the remaining games this season in the US.


It will come as no surprise that the team that was mentioned was the Ottawa Senators, run by the most frugal owner in the league. The Senators reason was valid due to them not being able to open the building up to its fans compared to the US teams.


It's estimated that the Canadian teams are losing several million dollars in lost revenue every month and even if the Canadian teams played south of the border, they would only recapture a fraction of what they are losing out on.


It's believed the NHL is open to the idea with Commissioner Bettman making threats like moving this summer's NHL Draft from Montreal to a city in the US. This still isn't confirmed to happen or not but if restrictions can't get lifted in Canada, this could definitely have the Canadian teams playing their home games in the US sooner rather then later.

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