Anaheim Ducks Defenseman Radko Gudas Attempting a Very Dirty play
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Radko Gudas Gets Away With Dirtiest Play Of The Season With Disgusting Slewfoot On Lukas Raymond

Published January 7, 2024 at 10:07 PM

Radko Gudas is known for two things in the NHL. The first is his magnificent beard. The second is his physical style of play where he often crosses the line and makes dirty plays. Tonight he did it again as he made a very bad slewfoot on Lukas Raymond.

Gudas Gets Called For Minor Penalty On Dangerous Slewfoot

The play came towards the end of the 1st period when Gudas snuck up behind Raymond and clearly stuck his leg out in an effort to interfere with Raymond. He was only called for a minor penalty for interference though and the slewfoot itself was technically not called at all.

Radko Gudas with a slewfoot on Lucas Raymond at the end of the 1st period

Gudas received a 2 minute minor for interference 👀🤔

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A minor penalty for a play like this seems to be a bit lacking. Plays like these are genuinely among the most dangerous in hockey as Raymond was completely unaware of what was about to happen. As a result, he did not have adequate time to protect himself as he fell to the ice. Luckily, Raymond appeared to be okay, but the Department of Player Safety should be taking a look at this one as a potential suspension for Gudas.

I do not, but it was as textbook as it can get when it comes to a clear definition of a slewfoot!

Regardless, the NHL needs to get plays like these out of the game. This play serves no purpose other than to injure players, especially as it was away from the play. The league needs to set a precedent with these kinds of plays, something they have failed to do in the past.

As seen on Radko Gudas pulls off one of the dirtiest slewfoots of the season
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Radko Gudas Gets Away With Dirtiest Play Of The Season With Disgusting Slewfoot On Lukas Raymond

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