Chicago Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson and star rookie Connor Bedard falling on the ice after being hit by New Jersey Devils defenseman Brendan Smith
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BREAKING: Major Update Given On Connor Bedard's Injury By The Blackhawks

Published January 7, 2024 at 6:33 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks have released a new update on Connor Bedard that added more information about his injury.

Huge Update Given On Bedard's Injury

In a new interview Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson was asked for an update on Connor Bedard. In his answer, Richardson admitted that the evaluation of his status is continuing. Swelling around the affected area has impacted the speed with which a final diagnosis can be made.

Luke Richardson on whether they Blackhawks have set a recovery timeline for Connor Bedard's fractured jaw:

No. Still just evaluating how he's doing and settling down. It's swollen, so the doctors are giving it a few days to see how it settles.

This means the Blackhawks and fans will continue to be in the dark on a recovery time for the next several days. In this time the Blackhawks will continue and look to fill the massive hole in the lineup from Bedard's absence.

This is a developing situation and as the Blackhawks give another update we will keep you all updated as well.

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BREAKING: Major Update Given On Connor Bedard's Injury By The Blackhawks

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