Tyler Bertuzzi of the Toronto Maple Leafs fights Parker Wotherspoon of the Boston Bruins.
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MUST SEE: Tyler Bertuzzi drops the gloves and beats up his opponent

Published March 7, 2024 at 8:59 PM

In another electrifying showdown between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs, fans were treated to yet another fight. This time, it was Tyler Bertuzzi of the Leafs who decided to drop the gloves and square off against Parker Wotherspoon.

With tensions already running high between these two fierce rivals, it didn't take much to ignite the spark for a showdown. As the game heated up, Bertuzzi and Wotherspoon found themselves locked in a heated exchange, ready to settle their differences with their fists.

Tyler Bertuzzi and Parker Wotherspoon Drop the Gloves in Bruins-Leafs Showdown

For Bertuzzi, known for his gritty play and willingness to stand up for his teammates, this fight was just another day at the office. And Wotherspoon eager to make his mark and show his teammates he's willing to battle it out, didn't back down either.

It's moments like these that reignite our love for this original six rivalry and reminds us why hockey is such an adrenaline-fueled sport, where passion and determination collide.
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MUST SEE: Tyler Bertuzzi drops the gloves and beats up his opponent

Who won the fight?

Tyler Bertuzzi62791.1 %
Parker Wotherspoon618.9 %
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