Team USA celebrating their World Junior Championship victory
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Team USA Captain Facing Criticism After Unsportsmanlike Conduct During Medal Ceremony

Published January 6, 2024 at 9:12

The 2024 World Junior Championships was one that was filled to the brim with drama, shocking upsets, and countless highlight-reel moments. In the end though, the tournament came down to the favorites as Sweden and the USA battled it out for the goal medal.

USA Wins 6th Gold Medal At U20 World Junior Championships

The gold medal game was not filled with as much drama and tension as some of the earlier rounds as USA handily defeated the hosts by a final score of 6-2. The victory secured team USA's 6th gold medal in tournament history.


The team celebrated their victory with their traditional call and response anthem after the game.

Team USA Captain Faces Criticism For Gold Medal Celebration

All of that being said, some believe team USA's celebrations went a bit too far as team captain Rutger McGroarty is now facing criticism for a celebratory dance he did on his way to claim his gold medal and the tournament trophy for his team.

Fans were not happy to see the 19-year-old show off in front of the tournament hosts.

That's immature to do it in first of the losing team tbh. Kinda poor sportsmanship

Lookin like the stereotypical American hockey player lol

That being said, other fans supported the move as they enjoyed seeing some personality from the player. Hockey players can be known for giving rather dry interviews most of the time so we do not often see a ton of personality from our favorite players outside of moments like these.

All these snowflakes mad at a guy for showing personality are BORING ❄️

Be sure to tune back in next year for the next edition of the world junior championships.

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Team USA Captain Facing Criticism After Unsportsmanlike Conduct During Medal Ceremony

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