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Stanley Cup Champion Justin Williams has bold take on Auston Matthews

Published March 23, 2024 at 12:42

Three-time Stanley Cup Champion Justin Williams has just revealed a bold take on Auston Matthews, and where he thinks Matthews' career will end up.

Auston Matthews has emerged as a premier goal scorer during his career thus far in the NHL. However, he has really made his talents known this year. He has 57 goals on the year already, in just 67 games played. Fans and even Alex Ovechkin are cheering for him to reach the illustrious 70 goal number, a crazy number of goals that is in reach for Auston Matthews this year.

While it is clear to fans how once-in-a-lifetime Auston Matthews' talents are, it is always great to hear what former NHL players and Stanley Cup champions think about players. Now, Three-time Stanley Cup Champion Justin Williams has revealed that he believes Auston Matthews will break records during his career.

"He's gonna be there. I don't think there's any doubt he's gonna be there. It seems like all the great goalscorers have a specific way of scoring. Like Ovi has perfected the one-timer and Auston Matthews has perfected the curl and drag snap shot release. It's just something different, everybody tries to replicate it but nobody can really duplicate it.

He's on pace for those same numbers and does it year over year. Auston is a very humble, matter of fact, focused guy and I can't see him slowing down. Right now I'm sure he's going about his business scoring his goals, It's a conversation that we're really going to have in the years to come. He's going to be one of the greatest goal scorers of all-time."

Auston Matthews is just about on the pace to get to 70 goals this season which would be incredible.

The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't had a pure goalscoring talent like Auston Matthews in, really forever. He has earned his name as the GLOAT (Greatest Leaf of All Time), according to Paul Bissonnette and others. He is clearly going to be in the Hall-of-Fame one day, the question is if he can use his talents to bring the Leafs back into contention for the Stanley Cup.

Auston Matthews will be with the Leafs for some time, and fans hope for his entire career. He just signed his massive extension this past summer and is now tied with the Leafs until 2028. The Leafs will have to take advantage of that window, though, and use his talents to make themselves a contender.

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Stanley Cup Champion Justin Williams has bold take on Auston Matthews

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