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Mitch Marner to become a free agent in 2025? More details emerge

Published April 3, 2024 at 12:14

Mitch Marner's contract extension talks could start as early as this offseason, and new details are emerging on what the Toronto Maple Leafs are thinking about his potential extension.

We are still a long way away from when Brad Treliving and the Toronto Maple Leafs could even legally sign Mitch Marner to a contract extension. With the playoffs dead ahead, it's likely all the focus is on the task at hand. However, with Treliving making some other signings like Simon Benoit, and the cap set to increase next season, some are already talking about the plans for Marner's next deal and how the Leafs can try and fit him into the equation.

Elliotte Friedman recently took to his podcast, 32 Thoughts, to discuss the Leafs plans for Marner, and how they know that he and Matthews want to play together.

"I do think it's their goal to keep Marner," he said. "I don't have any doubt. I think they know Marner and Matthews want to play with each other. I believe that's been a conversation in the past, where Matthews has made it very clear that he wants to play with Marner and Marner has made it clear that he's happy to do it and, look, at the end of he day, there's still going to be a negotiation. We'll see where that goes and we're going to punt that to the summer, because they're not going to do that now, but I absolutely believe their long-distance plan is to keep them together for a long time."

There is no telling exactly how Brad Treliving plans on fitting what is likely to be a pay bump from an already massive $10.9 Million AAV. Even with future cap increases, it will be difficult as Matthews and Nylander are signed to longer deals with a large chunk of the cap.

We will see what Marner is offered, however, all eyes are focused on the upcoming playoffs.

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Mitch Marner to become a free agent in 2025? More details emerge

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