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Latest contract updates on Mitch Marner, Tyler Bertuzzi and Max Domi

Published April 2, 2024 at 11:03

We have just found out the latest details on potential contract negotiations between Leafs' stars Mitch Marner, Tyler Bertuzzi, and Max Domi and their status.

While the trade deadline has not come and gone, and it appears the Toronto Maple Leafs are set for the playoffs, there are some remaining questions about the long-term for some key Toronto Maple Leaf players. Most notably, Mitch Marner, Tyler Bertuzzi, and Max Domi are all due for contract extensions this offseason.

Now, we have some more details into the situation and where the contract negotiations are at with General Manager Brad Treliving.

"I do think it's their goal to keep Marner. I don't have any doubt. I think they know Marner and Matthews want to play with each other. I believe that's been a conversation in the past, where Matthews has made it very clear that he wants to play with Marner and Marner has made it clear that he's happy to do it and, look, at the end of he day, there's still going to be a negotiation. We'll see where that goes and we're going to punt that to the summer because they're not going to do that now, but I absolutely believe their long-distance plan is to keep them together for a long time.

"Before we turn the page on the Leafs... I looked into it, and it doesn't sound like those [contract talks] are active right now. Domi and Bertuzzi are probably bigger deals, so those other ones are easy to do right now, and it's great for both [Bobby McMann and Simon Benoit].

I don't think there's anything close on Domi or Bertuzzi."

Marner's contract will inevitably be the most difficult to work around, especially given the cap situation and how the Leafs are already pushing up against it. However, they should get some relief with the cap going up, so keeping Marner may be in the cards.

As for Domi and Bertuzzi, both players have earned the right to negotiate at the table. If you had asked at the beginning of the season, for either player, it would have likely been an easier negotiation for Brad Treliving. Now, however, both have found their stride and if they can continue their success in the playoffs, then they will have a real argument for some pay increases.

Domi has stated that he wants to remain a Leaf, and obviously has more of a personal connection to the team, so keeping him might be more feasible. Ultimately, it will come down to playoff performances.

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Latest contract updates on Mitch Marner, Tyler Bertuzzi and Max Domi

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