Side by Side of Kyle Dubas during a press conference (left) with William Nylander during a game (right).
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William Nylander Fires Shots at Kyle Dubas After Signing Massive Extension

Published January 9, 2024 at 12:03

After signing his massive extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs, William Nylander took this subtle dig at former GM Kyle Dubas live on a radio show.

William Nylander Takes Shot at Dubas During Interview

William Nylander's blockbuster contract announcement yesterday came with all the media attention you might expect when announcing the largest contract in Leaf history. Nylander was all smiles during practice and repeatedly called Toronto home during his post-practice media scrum.

"Without even thinking about it, this is home."

William Nylander speaks on calling the city of Toronto home.

In another interview on the Kyper and Bourne show on Sportsnet, Nylander had some subtle undertones of shots at Kyle Dubas, pointing out that he was happy the negotiations didn't take as long as last time.

"I'm glad to it didn't take as long as the last time."

Clearly, bringing this up without even being prompted has some hints that Nylander is taking a bit of a shot at former GM Kyle Dubas and the handling of his previous contract.

Nylander Gears Up For First Game After Negotiations Finish

Nylander has been having an all-time and potentially all-star-worthy season this year, scoring 54 points in 37 games. The pressure of the contract year hasn't seemed to get to him at all, and now with the deal done, we will see if it gets to him tonight against the San Jose Sharks.

As for his teammates, they believe he has the confidence to succeed in Toronto with the pressure.

Tavares on Nylander living up to the deal and playing in Toronto: «I don't know if I've ever met anyone who has the confidence like him. I mean that in the best way possible.»

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William Nylander Fires Shots at Kyle Dubas After Signing Massive Extension

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