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Trade proposal emerges sending Nick Robertson to another Canadian team for a defenseman

Published January 16, 2024 at 5:21 PM

With the Leafs in the market for a some defensive improvements trade rumors and proposals have been found on social media. A new one has emerged that is sparking interest among Leaf fans.

Trade Proposal Sees Nick Robertson Traded To Calgary

It is no secret the Leafs have major interest in veteran defenseman Chris Tanev, the Flames know that and are only wanting NHL ready players that are young to continue their retool in Calgary.

There is one piece like that on the Leafs and that is former 2nd round pick, Nick Robertson. Who through 26 games this year has 12 points during that span.

This new trade proposal goes down like this:

FLAMES Receive: Nick Robertson, 2024 3rd Round Pick

LEAFS Receive: Chris Tanev (50% retained)


The Leafs would get a much needed boost to their defensive core and the Flames would get a young player that has the potential to be a middle six winger that has struggled in Toronto.

Would This Trade Actually Go Through?

This trade seems fair in theory as Robertson has not turned out to be the player the Leafs were hoping for at this point in his development and may want to cash out before it is too late.

However the one key piece is the Brad Treliving is the former General Manager of the Calgary Flames and it was noted that Calgary would charge extra to make trades more difficult on their former GM.

Tanev being one of the best stay-at-home defenseman in the league for the past 10+ seasons would bring in a ton of interest from many contending teams.

It would be up to Brad Treviling and the Toronto Maple Leafs to gage if Tanev would be worth trading extra pieces away like a 22-year-old forward to bring in a rental piece.
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Trade proposal emerges sending Nick Robertson to another Canadian team for a defenseman

Who wins this trade?

Leafs66742.3 %
Flames24815.7 %
Win-Win49631.5 %
Lose-Lose16410.4 %
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