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NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman Reveals Massive Update Regarding Corey Perry's Next NHL Team

Published January 16, 2024 at 2:41 PM

After being cleared by Gary Bettman cleared Corey Perry to return to the NHL, fans have begun speculating where the veteran forward will sign. An NHL insider has revealed information that Perry may not want to sign with these two Canadian teams.

Elliotte Friedman Provides A Massive Update On Perry Contract Situation

After being let go by the Chicago Blackhawks and seeking help with mental health and alcohol abuse, Corey Perry seems ready to rejoin the NHL with a new team.

That new team has yet to be chosen however Elliotte Friedman has just revealed that there are two Canadian teams may be off the possible landing zones for the veteran forward.

Friedman (TJMS): "I just think one of the questions, is Perry going to want somewhere quieter? TOR is a loud market, I don't think that's going to work. EDM's a louder market, though I definitely believe they have interest. Are there going to be some teams in quieter situations?"

With all of the "noise" surrounding Chicago Friedman may have a point, Perry may want to play somewhere with a quieter market to try and ease back into the NHL and go under the radar.

With that being said more than likely Canadian teams are off the list as potential teams for Perry, as the media is more intense in Canada then most teams in the US.

The Maple Leafs should be a team that tries and pursue him to the best of their ability as he may be what they need to make that next step.

Perry The Perfect Fit For The Maple Leafs?

WIth the chaotic start to the year for the Leafs and the depth additions not providing the scoring that they were hoping the Leafs have gone back to being a top heavy offense team.

The addition of Corey Perry who is not only a playoff performer but a depth goal scorer that can score in any situation providing optimal usage for the Leafs.

With Domi and Bertuzzi not scoring as much as fans were hoping maybe bringing in Perry can help the Leafs be a better team overall.

With no real idea on where Perry plans to sign if he does in fact sign a new deal. It will be something to keep an eye on in Toronto.
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NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman Reveals Massive Update Regarding Corey Perry's Next NHL Team

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