Mitch Marner Reveals What's Really Going Wrong With His Game

Published November 28, 2023 at 10:28

Marner Shares What's Going Wrong With His Game Right Now


Even if Mitch Marner scored 20 points in 19 games, fans and analysts agree: he can do more.

His production might not be so bad when you look at it this way. But with only five goals scored since the season began, and three assists in his last seven games, it's evident that something's holding him back.

Mitch Marner on his game: "Obviously not as great as it usually is & as I like it"

What's wrong?

"Just not getting the puck with a whole lot of speed with myself moving & not really trusting my abilities out there ... Just have to trust it"

Marner's Not So Bad, but Doesn't Meet Expectations

Marner's considered an elite player in the NHL. With William Nylander's rise this year, his star might be shadowed by the Swedish forward, but he's still good.


Mitch Marner is on pace for 96pts and another Selke nomination.

No, just because Willy has been phenomenal does not mean Marner has been bad. I know this will come as a shock given what you read on your Twitter feed but here it goes: NYLANDER & MARNER can BOTH be playing great hockey at the same time!. And no, you don't need to trade one just because the other is on fire and vice versa. You can just be happy that two of the NHL's best wingers are on your favourite team.

The end."

A slump can happen to anyone. Even with only three points in his last seven games, he could bounce back anytime. However, expectations towards him are high and he doesn't meet them at the moment.

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Mitch Marner Reveals What's Really Going Wrong With His Game

Do you think Marner will scre 100 points this season?

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