Tkachuk Brothers Duel Results In The Most Penalized Game This Season: 157 PIMs Including 13 Misconducts

Published November 27, 2023 at 10:26 PM

Tonight the battle of the Tkachuk brothers turned the heat up on the sibling rivalry. The game turned into one of the most heated battles the hockey world has seen in years.

Early Ejection Set The Tone For Chaos The Rest Of The Game

About halfway through the game between the Senators and Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk laid a big hit on a Senators player. Senators forward Zack MacEwen did not like the hit and decided to take justice into his own hands.

Zack MacEwen received a match penalty for an illegal check to the head of Matthew Tkachuk and will face an automatic suspension from the Department of Player Safety, pending official review. #GoSensGo

MacEwen was ejected for this play and will likely face a suspension. This would just be the beginning of the chaos though.

All Out Brawl Brwak Out In The Battle Of The Tkachuks Leading To 13 Misconducts

Brady Tkachuk was looking to get his team back in the game late in the third period. On a rush to the net where he took a swing at goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky.

Panthers defenseman Dmitry Kulikov did not like this and decided to go at it with Brady. This led every player on the ice to join into an all-out melee.

Take a swipe at Bob, and the Cats are gonna want to have a converstion about it. #TimeToHunt

This scrum led to a 10-minute misconduct for every single player on the ice. It also led to an iconic referee moment when he had to announce this to the crowd as well.

"Every player on the ice has a 10-minute misconduct, among other penalties."

Every single player on the ice in FLA/OTT just got a 10 minute misconduct. That was so cool

This game could likely result in several suspensions for players on both teams. It also sets up fantastic storylines and rivalry heading into the next matchup between the two sides.
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Tkachuk Brothers Duel Results In The Most Penalized Game This Season: 157 PIMs Including 13 Misconducts

How many players will be suspended from this game?

3 or less players35257.7 %
3-5 players14223.3 %
5+ players11619 %
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