MAJOR: Maple Leafs Officially Find Ryan Reaves' Replacement

Published November 16, 2023 at 9:57

The Toronto Maple Leafs may have found the perfect replacement for Ryan Reaves after his slow start to the season.

Ryan Reaves Has Not Been As Advertised to Start The Year

Its safe to say that Ryan Reaves has struggled significantly to start the year. He has been on the ice for 11 goals against, without being on for one goal for. His lack of speed has given opponents way too many opportunities while only averaging 8 minutes in ice time a game, a figure that has been on the decline since the start of the year.

Sheldon Keefe says Ryan Reaves getting benched tonight was a coach's decision.

«He's having some bad luck right now»

Adds he's watched every goal against he's been out there for and hasn't found one that he can pin on Reaves.

While Reaves does provide an element of toughness to the Leafs lineup, at this point in the season it has yet to be a difference maker. He has fought twice this year, both in the first few games. This toughness may come in handy later in the season or during the playoffs.

McMann Proving to Be a Formidable Replacement for Reaves

What's worse for Reaves is that the Leafs' fourth line looked the best they have all season during the game he was scratched. Bobby McMann stepped into the lineup in his place, and looked good all night, effectively lifting the fourth line out of its slump.

deflection in front

two points for Gregor and Bobby McMann

This could be bad news for Reaves as he now has to fight for his position in the lineup against a more skilled and faster Bobby McMann. Where the Leafs need toughness in the lineup, though, Reaves will still have his opportunity.

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MAJOR: Maple Leafs Officially Find Ryan Reaves' Replacement

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