Neck Guard Saves Player's Life After Near-Fatal Collision With Skate Blade

Published November 16, 2023 at 8:08

Talk about a close one. This is as close as it gets without tragedy striking.

Young Player Saved by Neck Guard in Collision with Skate Blade

In an attempt to show why everyone should be wearing neck guards while playing hockey, Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) Officiating Program shared a photo of a young player who was spared by the piece of equipment after taking a skate blade to the neck.

"The picture you see here is from a U16AAA game that happened last night in
@HEOhockey. The player was cut by a skate. Luckily he was wearing a neck guard or this could have been much worse. This can happen any night in any rink. Protective equipment matters for everyone."


"Thanks to the family for allowing us to share this photo. We are thankful that the player will make a complete recovery. Please share so we can stress this important message for all hockey players and officials."

U16 Player's Life Likely Saved by Neck Guard

The issue of neck guards in hockey has been front and centre since the death of Adam Johnson, who was cut by a skate blade during a game in England. Johnson, who had played in the NHL, was not wearing a guard at the time. the league he played in, the EIHL, has since made them mandatory for all players, with several other leagues following suit.

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Neck Guard Saves Player's Life After Near-Fatal Collision With Skate Blade

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