Top PWHL goalie salary is revealed leaving many fans stunned

Dawson Mckenzie
April 1, 2024  (1:21 PM)

PWHL goaltender and Former Canadiens goalie Carey Price
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One of the top PWHL goalies has just had their salary leaked, and it is leaving many fans stunned considering how many tickets they are selling.

The PWHL is off to a red-hot start, and experiencing some resounding success in its first season. They have had massive success selling tickets in some of the biggest arenas in Canada, and are blowing up on social media. However, it will always remain a question as to how much the players are being paid, and if the pay is enough to sustain the dedication of the players in the long term.
Now, we may have a better picture of how much they are being paid. In a segment for the Stanley25 podcast, they discussed how much a starting goaltender makes.
«In your opinion, how much does a starting goaltender in the PWHL make?

[His colleague, Maxime Truman, answered that he believed the figure was around $50,000 to $60,000 per year]

It's a bit more! It's below Cole Caufield's salary for an advertisement ($100,000), but it's a bit more than that.» - Jean Trudel

So, it's obvious that a starting goaltender makes between 60-100 thousand dollars. Much lower than their NHL counterparts certainly, but a healthy start for such a young league. There is definitely a long way to go, though, in getting those salaries up based on the ticket success the league has had.
The unfortunate part is thinking about the salaries in comparison to what the men are being paid for things outside of hockey. For example, Cole Caufield of the Montreal Canadiens brings in about 100 thousand, more than a PWHL player's salary, for just 1 advertisement. It is even worse considering the tens of millions that the NHL's stars are set to make with the cap increase. Hopefully, the PWHL will continue its current trajectory and allow these women to be paid what they deserve!
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Top PWHL goalie salary is revealed leaving many fans stunned

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