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Marc-Andre Fleury Reveals: It's Either Minnesota Wild or Retirement

Published April 1, 2024 at 11:20

Marc-Andre Fleury is getting to the end of his career, and he has just revealed what his future plans are for retirement, and whether it will be Minnesota or nothing.

There has been a huge question mark surrounding Marc-Andre Fleury's future in the NHL, and whether or not this will be his final year in the NHL. All signs at the beginning of the season pointed to this being his final hurrah, however, he previously revealed that he would be open to playing another year given certain conversations with Wild GM Bill Geurin.

Now, Fleury has revealed that he doesn't want to play anywhere else other than Minnesota, as he doesn't want to move his family again.

Yeah, it's probably Minnesota or retirement. I wouldn't want to move and take my three kids out of their environment. They've moved enough already. I don't want to uproot them. My girls have their school, their friends and their sports in Minnesota. And my wife, Veronique, is also happy here." Marc-Andre Fleury

This is massive news, as there were previous rumours at the trade deadline that other teams were interested in bringing Fleury in for the remainder of the season. With Fleury being in the final year of his contract, there is a massive question about his free agency. Now, it looks like he will be extending with the Wild or retiring, given how the conversation goes with GM Bill Guerin.

Fleury clearly has what it takes to play in the NHL still, after winning 16 of his 36 games on a struggling Minnesota Wild team. he has managed a 2.85 goals against average and a .899 save percentage, which is pretty good considering the circumstances.

The question comes down to whether or not the Wild are ready to move on from Fleury and bring up some of their other goaltending prospects to give them a shot in the NHL.

We will see what decision is made in the future.

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Marc-Andre Fleury Reveals: It's Either Minnesota Wild or Retirement

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