Sean Avery takes a shot at Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers

Published November 11, 2023 at 3:56 PM

Sean Avery recently took a shot at Connor McDavid and the rest of the Oilers' stars as they continue to slide into crisis mode.

Sean Avery Thinks That Blame Falls On Oilers' Stars As They Continue to Struggle

All eyes are on the Edmonton Oilers this season, and not for the reasons they had hoped to start this year. Coming off a good run in last year's playoffs, the Oilers have fallen to the basement of the NHL with a 2-9-1 record. Now, the team is in a full-blown crisis as they have sent down Jack Campbell to the AHL, and rumours of McDavid wanting a trade continue to surface.

As their struggles continue, the blame game gets worse. Many are blaming head coach Jay Woodcroft, calling for his firing, while others blamed Campbell. Sean Avery has recently taken to his podcast to put the blame on the Oilers star players.

"What do you want?" asked an incredulous Avery. "You wanna fire the coach tell him to go get a tan somewhere? Send him to Cancun to recharge? Pay him for not coaching? You wanna blame Kenny Holland? Or do you just wanna say the buck stops with the big boys?"

"Darnell Nurse makes $9 million buck a year," said Avery. "High and hard off the glass, come on. Nick Lidstrom made $9 million bucks a year. Nick Lidstrom, one of the greatest defensemen to ever play in the NHL

"You got Connor McDavid at $12.5 million, Leon's at 9 and he doesn't even want to answer questions and Connor looks like he's aged 30 years," said Avery. "Fresh faced baby Connor McDavid, remember him? I don't. That's because he's been through the goddamn meat grinder of the Canadian media."

Avery Warns McDavid That Leaving Edmonton Without Winning a Cup Would be Bad For His Career

This wasn't all Avery had to say about McDavid, either. He directly called him out for the rumours that he wanted a trade, saying that if he doesn't win soon, Oilers fans will turn on him.

"But you gotta show up and you gotta play and you gotta win games, otherwise they are gonna turn on you," said Avery of McDavid. "And I don't ever wanna see a video of you crying because you're about to put an L.A. Kings jersey on, we want you to win a Stanley Cup. Oh and by the way, before Wayne left he won 4."

Avery is on to something, since McDavid is the captain of the team, it is his responsibility to get buy-in from the guys and turn things around. Despite his best efforts to show some passion and fight during some of the Oilers' losses, it's clear that something else needs to change to get the Oilers to buy in.

McDavid & Draisaitl become unraveled at the end of the game, both getting sent to the penalty box 😳

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Sean Avery takes a shot at Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers

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