Connor McDavid during the media scrum after the Blackhawks versus Oilers game.
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Connor McDavid Expresses Frustration, Bluntly Criticizes NHL Officials Following a Wild Game

Published January 10, 2024 at 10:16

Connor McDavid didn't hold back last night after a crazy game, letting everyone know how he felt about the officiating during the game.

McDavid Lays Into Officials For Wild Game Last Night

For the Edmonton Oilers, every game and every point matters for the remainder of the season. They are still trying to dig their way out of the hole they started the season in, and sometimes the pressure and frustration can get to the players.

That's what happened last night after Leon Draisaitl had a goal turned over due to an offsides call. Connor McDavid was not happy about the call and how long it took.

connor mcdavid with a firey answer on the draisaitl offside call: "if it takes you 15 minutes to determine if it's offside or not, it probably doesn't matter you zoom in, you keep zooming in until you can't zoom in any more, i guess it's offside.»

Ultimately, the call didn't matter, as the Oilers took the game 2-1 over the Blackhawks, though it probably made the game closer than the Oilers would have liked.

McDavid Puts on Show During Game Despite Frustrations After

You wouldn't know from the above clip, but McDavid was cruising last night during the Oilers' victory. He scored a pretty breakaway goal and seemed to be buzzing the majority of the night.

McDavid never misses those 😤

McDavid is obviously an important voice in the NHL, being the best player in the league. We will see if the NHL views his comments as criticisms towards the officials and decides to hand out a fine, or if they leave it at that.
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Connor McDavid Expresses Frustration, Bluntly Criticizes NHL Officials Following a Wild Game

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