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Martin Jones inches away from Making Maple Leafs History!

Published January 10, 2024 at 8:58

Martin Jones was seen as a scary third-string goalie signing as the last time he had a save percentage over .901 was 2017-18. He was considered a stop gap in a worse case scenario. Unfortunately, due to Joesph Woll's injury and Ilya Samsonov seemingly forgetting he is a good goaltender.

Jones' play with Toronto so far has been stellar

Jones has been thrust into the starting role and is playing miles above what anyone thought he would. In 12 games played with Toronto he has eight wins and three losses. He is rocking a save percentage of 0.934 and a goals against average of 1.98.

Jones has not had a start this good since his first season in the NHL where he played 19 games with the LA Kings with a 0.934 save percentage.

Jones almost makes history with toronto against his former team

Jones had a chance to make some Maple Leafs history.

Scheduled to start tonight vs the Sharks, Martin Jones has put up a .932 save percentage through 11 games so far in 2023-24. If he can maintain that, he will join this list of superb 12 game starts to a Maple Leafs goaltender's season in the NHL Expansion Era (1967-68 to present)

Jones did not top the list, as Johnathan Bernier's 0.939 save percentage in 2013-14, would be very tough to get to. With a 0.923 save percentage though Jones become tied for fourth on the list with Bruce Gamble from 1967-1968. He finished just six percentage points off.

The two goalies in between Jones and Bernier were Johnny Bower, second with 0.939, and Jack Campbell at 0.936.

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Martin Jones inches away from Making Maple Leafs History!

Will Martin Jones still be the Leafs starter in the playoffs

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